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Our soul, our DNA.

We invest in brands where vision meets visionary


We are building a tech-augmented house of brands for eyewear. We are scale enablers who invest in and transform the capabilities of brands, wherever you are in your journey.

We find and fund not just upcoming consumer businesses but also innovative hardware and software solutions aiming to revolutionize the future of vision.

We equip upcoming brands with the tools to super-charge their growth.

Neso Brands is backed by the Lenskart Group and its investors including KKR, Temasek and Softbank. The group is one of the largest and fastest-growing in omni-channel eyewear, spanning 2,000+ stores ranging from Sydney to Dubai.


By leveraging synergies across the group, we provide our portfolio brands access to a

world-class ecosystem of manufacturing, supply chain, and tech resources

to pursue international expansion.


We also incorporate new technologies, notably advances in AI, sensor and

eye-tracking technology, as well as augmented reality (AR),

to build the next generation of eyewear brands.


LPL Rennes (1)_edited.jpg

Our philosophy is to act, rather than seem to be.

We're not just investors; we're brand builders, operators, engineers, designers, supply chain experts and crucially - your confidantes. 

We leverage our deep network of resources, capabilities, connections, and expertise to carve inroads for you so that your energy is spent on building the future. We bring together connections from multiple continents so that you can connect with the absolute best people for your business.


We believe that passion, grit and determination are key to success. 

We truly care about the individuals that lead the businesses that are part of our portfolio and want to see them succeed. We'll provide you what you need to grow and scale, all while giving you the space you need to work and flourish. 

Let's talk.

We are always looking to connect with bold and ambitious eyewear brands and tech companies within eyewear that share our vision and hunger to revolutionize the eyewear industry. 







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